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I truly think that’s the hardest part of dealing with all of this; having to watch as our kids struggle. The best thing you can do is definitely discuss the changes with your pedi at his next med review (which reminds me, I need to schedule that for my boy!). We switched his dose after the 2nd month, after explaining what we and his teachers noticed in his overall behavior. Even though he’s starting to struggle again now, he’s still infinitely better than he was without meds, so that’s a bonus. 😊 Have you thought about trying a different form of methylphenidate instead of doubling his dose? Is there a way to increase his dose by only 5mg instead of 10? Unfortunately trial and error is really the only way we can determine what works, and sometimes there’s a lot of it (and all that comes with it) before we figure it out. Can your son adequately explain how he’s feeling with or without his meds? This information can prove invaluable at a med review. My son is a poor communicator so it’s extremely difficult to get a straight answer out of him when asking him about it, so it’s almost like starting at square one everytime we talk about how things are going w/the doc. One minute the dose is too much and he wants to go back to what we know doesn’t work, then it’s wearing off too fast and he wants a bumper dose for the afternoons (even though his worst times are first thing in the morning), then he wants to try something else…it’s maddening. Haha