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Aurobindo- What is in this stuff? It can’t be FDA approved, there is no way this drug is legitimate.

I filled my prescription for 20mg IR yesterday at Meijer Pharmacy because Walgreens, where I have been going for years was out of generic Adderall. Meijer supplied me with medication by manufacturer “Aurobindo”. I took the medication today and I am seriously questioning what I have ingested.

I feel drugged, I’m in a mental fog, my attention span is all over the place, my environment is very overstimulating, I cannot stay on task, I cannot recall simple instructions, I can’t concentrate, my brain feels like jello. I’m very irritable, easily angered, very restless and I am immediately annoyed by everything and everyone, I had to listen to a work presentation for 2 hours and the sound of the speaker’s voice was like nails on a chalkboard, I just wanted her to shut up, I wanted to run out of there and get away from her. Physically, my chest feels very heavy, my entire body feels weighed down and I can’t sit still. I feel like I’ve taken a prescription antihistamine and drank 2 Red Bulls, it’s as if my brain is a piece of taffy being pulled in two opposite directions.

How is this legal? I’m a nurse and I seriously doubt these “are just different binders”, this feels like a completely different drug. I cannot function at my job like this. I have no idea what to do, I have a 2 month supply and cannot return it. Can anyone help with suggestions?