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Spaceboy 99

Hey there,

First off- well done for reaching out 🙂 It’s great that you want to understand more about your condition and how it affects you.

So, the sleep thing- I’m actually a lot like you in that regard. I never felt that I needed particularly much sleep, until I was 18, in a terribly abusive relationship, and leaned too heavily on my ability to go without sleep. I don’t know about it being common, but the reason I used to think that way was essentially because I got my biggest burst of energy and creativity late at night. I felt like hell when I woke up, but because, by the end of the day, I had energy again, I assumed that I didn’t need particularly much sleep. Nowadays, I get my full eight hours, (I use a sunset/sunrise simulating alarm clock to MAKE me tired when I need to sleep), and I realise that, even though I CAN go on very little sleep, I’m actually much better off when I don’t. Getting 8 hours actually mitigates ADHD symptoms, as well.

Physical exercise, likewise mitigates ADHD symptoms, and the attendant tiredness helps calm down your mind before bed.

The sense of direction thing isn’t one I know of, but if we postulate that sense of direction is tied to attentiveness, then a lack of sense of direction could well be an inattentive symptom. Alternatively, it may just be a quirk unique to you 🙂 Although ADHD affects pretty much every part of our lives, there are some things we just find difficult because we’re not very good at them 🙂 Mine is handiwork and building things. Even when I use a ruler, draw guiding lines, and go as carefully as possible, I can’t saw wood in anything remotely resembling a straight line 😛 So my fiancee gets to handle the DIY 😛

I hope this helps 🙂