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I was reading a lot of short stories and novelas as a kid. Everything pass 200 pages seemed like too much for me. I love books and stuff like that but I was never able to keep the pace of reading every day.

To this day I still regret not reading enough and once I got to the university it was even harder because I had this books that I needed to read for education. The hardest thing was memorising stuff,we had one exam that needed to be memorised by word and I barely passed it. All of my grades were pretty much A+ except for that one (two exams but they were pretty much the same) time that I had to learn definitions. I just couldn’t reproduce the definitions by heart. I can tell you in details about all of the stuff but I can’t tell you the definitions. I still remember everything about that class to this day but not a single word that I needed to learn. Proffesor would say “So the definition is on this page in the second paragraph” which didn’t help at all.

I really want to get back to books but I can’t get myself to do it. I have a very weak vocabulary of my language because of it. Besides spelling errors I have better grasp of English language than of my own because I read much more stuff over the internet.