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Spaceboy, I hadn’t considered the Kindle in my response, but I have one (an older second generation one) and very much enjoyed reading on it. However, I tripped on it in the middle of the night a while back and damaged the screen, so I need to get a new screen (or a new Kindle). I would count reading from the Kindle as reading books and not reading random stuff from the internet. They are single-purpose devices without the peripheral distractions inherent in phones/tablets/computers. I’m a fan of the e-ink screens that aren’t backlit – better for sleep hygiene and more like a real book. I also like the page turning action – similar enough to a physical book that I can keep my place and easily flip back a few pages (as opposed to audiobook scrolling).

Kindles are great, though I’d advocate for the single-purpose ones without extra tablet functionality if you want to do book reading and not just more distracting tablet activities.