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Spaceboy 99

I’m like you. In addition to hyperfocusing on reading, I have an extremely fast rate of reading, and a high rate of recall. When I was 13, I read the 5th Harry Potter book in 6.5 hours. Last year, I read 202 books, just to see if I could 😛 I’d have probably read 250 if I hadn’t tried to read the first Harry Potter in Norwegian (took me a month and a half. Bloody Norwegian).

Unfortunately, I moved to a country where physical books cost three times as much as what I’m used to paying, so I had to get a kindle (or, rather, my SO decided to get me one for my birthday), where books cost an average of HALF of what I’m used to paying. And, I’ll be very honest, I’ve not looked back. Ebooks (which I previously thought of as a filthy travesty that would have no purchase in my life) are so FREEING. Something as simple as being able to continue the book that I was reading at home on my phone when I have ten minutes in line at the supermarket checkout has improved my life IMMENSELY. I can even read in the dark, when my SO is trying to sleep and I’m too awake to drift off yet. And it’s delightful being able to instantly access the next title in a series that you took a chance on and weren’t willing to buy the whole thing. Add that to the lowered price of books (meaning you get to read MORE for the same money), and it’s such a no-brainer for me. Even without factoring in physical books by independent authors, which would cost even more than an ordinary paperback over here, in two years I’ve managed to save the cost of the Kindle just based on print price vs kindle price.

I still collect physical books (and I have several that will probably never be converted to a digital format unless I type them up myself), but going from the ‘always-available’ nature of a kindle back to physical books is almost painful. Being dependent on the level of light, and having to have both hands free to hold the book is just horrible.

Anyway, my point is that digital reading isn’t necessarily the worst thing, as long as you do it with real books 😛 I’ve found kindle app and kindle reading to be better for me than reading physical books. Sorry for the sermon on the delights of kindles 😛