Reply To: Generic Adderall


I don’t even feel like typing this but am going to try my best as I am in need of some answers. Received aurobindo adderall last couple months (from cvs). Started noticing lots of changes, which led me to doing some research on this manufacturer. Most of the time I was getting Teva adderall and it worked the best, never had any problems. Aurobindo has increased my anxiety and depression like I’ve never experienced before. I’m also having my panic attacks and simply just can’t function. I have been experiencing migraines day after day and feel absolutely AWFUL. After reading what others are saying about aurobindo adderall, I honestly can’t believe they are allowed to sell this poison. I contacted my doctor last week and briefly explained to the nurse what’s going on and asked if my doc could request the Teva brand for me. I did so a few days in advance so the pharmacy would have plenty of time to have it in for me. Nurse called me back and said she spoke with pharmacist at cvs and they would have Teva in for me. I go to pick up last Thursday, assuming I would have Teva as requested, get my meds, get to the car and see it’s aurobindo again. I go back in to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist can I have Teva, that my doctor had called and requested it and that the pharmacy said they would have it. He replies that they don’t have the Teva brand and will note my account for next month. Super frustrated and ill, I just leave and tell myself I have to suck it up another month. Over the weekend, my migraines have worsened (I never get headaches by the way), I had several panic attacks, called my husband while he was at work balling my eyes out telling him I can’t keep going on like this and I’m typically not an emotional person. I am absolutely miserable and cannot function. I called my doctor today, explained all of this to the nurse and asked if I could return my prescription and doctor could write me a new one and that I WILL be switching pharmacies. (So done with CVS!!!) She talked to him and called me back and said that he legally cannot write me another prescription even if I brought in my bottle. She said there are so many laws on adderall and that I would just have to wait until next month. ????? I mean seriously??? I’ve read that doctors can write a new script as long as there is a valid reason. Even read they will write a new one if your prescription gets stolen as long as you have a police report…but here I am being poisoned basically and they can’t write a new one?? I’ve had two nosebleeds today along with my migraines and I obviously don’t know for a fact that aurobindo is to blame but I’ve read migraines are a common side effect. Anyone else experienced a situation like this?