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I could see audiobooks being something to try out – you can keep moving around and doing things with your hands, which is nice. However, I personally find audiobooks excruciating, for a number of ADHD-related reasons. I am highly visual, and can imagine the scenes I’m reading playing out like a movie in my head (this is probably why I like fantasy so much). I can process description really quickly, but usually need more time to process dialog, so I read (and reread) dialog more slowly. Audiobooks are one pace. And if I zone out for a minute, it’s hard to rewind and figure out what I’ve missed/not absorbed. I very frequently need to flip back to reference stuff that happened earlier. And then there’s the tactile aspect of printed books that help with waypoints and landmarking (and therefore remembering stuff that happens).

However, I enjoy radio shows and certain podcasts. The huge difference between these and audiobooks is that the former are specifically designed to be consumed in audio format. You have people conversing naturally, interviews, narration intended to be spoken, rather than written prose being read aloud.

Still though, I love books. It’s funny, turning to the first page of some massive 800-page fantasy brick is super exciting, while the prospect of enduring some long movie that’s not action/adventure/sci-fi/fantasy/animated/comedy is… nope.