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Thanks for your nice reactions!

I feel ashamed of the mistakes I now see in my posts.. But anyway.. it would be so great if there was someone here who I could tell my action plan by whats app for instance and then start. I don’t need that everyday, just now and then would be great.

In the meantime I got more hours (classes to teach) at one of my jobs and quite the other. That felt horrible in terms of leaving the pupils behind in the middle of a school year, but it gives me some rest. I also finished my research paper for my master’s degree and farmed out the training and care for the horses for a couple of months. So now I have to finish the other important paper for my studies.

I still hope someone is in for the idea of getting me started with a task, and I could serve as your motivator.

: it doesn’t have to be someone who is fysically around I think

: respect! That you can manage your job as a teacher and two children..!