Reply To: I need an advice


Thanks for the support.

To be honest I don’t see it as her not wanting to understand. She stuck around for 2 years in a relationship that’s really straining and I can only imagine how difficult it is for her. I told her I want to get tested and she supports me.

To be honest this is the first relationship I was in, not counting hookups and stuff that lasts for few weeks or months.
It’s been really hard getting anywhere. I get close to a girl then I lose a phone and I can’t contact her. A lot of mishaps like that happened and a lot of stuff that were happening to me throughout my childhood, adolescence and adulthood really seemed like funny anectodes until I started to think more about it.

The person I talked to is an acquaintance of mine and to be honest in the environment we met I was really focused and well adapted so I get why it seemed odd to her that I’m thinking in that direction, but yes the proffessionals tend to overlook this kind of stuff. I went to the psychologist when I was in a university because of anxiety and depression and I wanted to talk about this problem unbeknowns to me at the time that it was ADHD perhaps. I told her I can’t function properly, have hard time remembering, keeping focus, handling certain stuff and she wrote it off as lazyness and being spoiled.

To be honest I got a lot of support when I came out to people and a friend of mine that’s mostly annoyed by people self diagnosing themselves with depression and stuff in that category expressed that it really makes sense.

Thanks for the kind words when I wrote all of the stuff I thought it might come off as egocentric or something. Talking this much about myself. Thank you also for sharing your experience. It feels reassuring knowing I’m not alone.