Reply To: I need an advice


Wow, thank you so much for sharing your story! That must have been hard and maybe somewhat of a relief at the same time. At the age of 34 I was diagnosed with ADHD, and I am not a psychologist, but your story rely aligns with my own! Man, I really commiserate with you. Being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t understand or even won’t take the time to understand ADHD and how it can be so dang hard, I think is harder than actually living with the ADHD. It took my husband a while to come to terms that I have it, but he finally took the initiative to self-educate and it made a world of a difference. I’m so sorry that it has been so hard for you. Just like you, I am terrible at planning, staying at a job (because I get bored of it easily), and have a hard time initiating things. I’m also a runner–always have been. Running from jobs, moving from place to place quite often because I get restless, running from people in my life because I feel as if I am constantly letting them down…ADHD is really really hard and just because a “medical professional” says you don’t have it does not mean you don’t. I once had a therapist, when I asked her if I could possibly have a test for Asperger’s, looked me in the eye and laughed. Rejection is horrible and it can scar a person, especially for people with ADHD. I really just want to encourage you to keep educating yourself about ADHD; there are so many positive attributes we have that are easily covered up by the negatives we see in ourselves through others’ eyes. And keep reaching out, push past the rejection as much as you can and seek people who DO understand what ADHD is and who DO want to learn more about it! Thanks again for sharing your story; it was a very courageous thing to do that YOU initiated!