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Thanks a lot for responding. Yeah, my husband has tried to make me feel better by telling me that because I know what our issues are, that I am working hard to make things better. The thing driving me right now is I refuse to let her go through what I went through growing up. If I can at least give her the tools to cope now, I’d feel much better about her future, and so will she. I had such a crap life for most of my 35 years, and it’s because no one knew what to do for me (parents are immigrants, there always was and still is stigma regarding mental health/neurobiological issues around our community, sadly). I was the “black sheep”, the outsider of the family that no one understood, and whom was sometimes feared because of the outbursts and unpredictable mood…

Thanks for the links, and I will continue reading up on how to help her deal with the intense emotions. I’ve been doing a good job for the most part, but it’s super tough when I’m off meds and having bad ADHD days, which is about 3/4 of the week. I have to try EXTRA hard when I’m off them. And when my husband doesn’t understand, I try to explain it to him from the perspective as someone with ADHD and that helps too. We are all learning together as a family.