Reply To: Accentrate


I’d never heard of this stuff before, so I read up on it (as much as a could – not a lot of material). A multivitamin designed for ADHD is a great idea (much easier than wrangling a bunch of different supplements), but it being a $55/mo mail-order vitamin touted by naturopaths and other anti-psychiatry people and propped up with videos and testimonials rather than clinical studies turned me right off.

Seriously, the For Medical Practitioners page on the Accentrate website says it all: the FIRST descriptor they use to pitch this stuff to medical practitioners is “profitable”. Not effective, proven (well I guess they can’t use this word), helpful, or anything like that, but PROFITABLE. Think about that. The individual components that make up Accentrate can be had MUCH more cheaply from your local drug store, but these guys want to wrap them up in this “drug-free ADHD treatment” in order to prey on stigma/reluctance around stimulants and fleece you.

Oh yeah, and all the studies cited in their materials were on individual vitamins included in Accentrate, not Accentrate itself. I’ll just keep buying my cheap conventional vitamin supplements and taking my Ritalin (extensively studied and tested over decades, with old IR pills being substantially cheaper than this unstudied overpriced vitamin).

Still though, I would be interested in a ADHD multivitamin that’s reasonably priced and available at drug stores that isn’t saddled or associated with all this naturopathy/anti-psychiatry baggage.