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ADD lady here too. Reading is one of my hyperfocus things and I love book reading. But it was much easier (and I did way more of it) before I had my own laptop and discovered the internet. Got a smartphone later, and that made it even more difficult.

Thing is, such easy instant access to everything online makes your phone the path of least resistance for your brain getting its hit. Books used to be the easiest.

I’ve slowly been pushing myself to spend more time during evenings to read books and not read on my phone. Make a rule for yourself that you’ll not go to the internet after 8 or so, and then if you want to be entertained, the next easiest way to do that is to pick up a book.

Another tip – buy whole series at a time (if you like series). That way, if you get into the first book, the next ones are right there, so you don’t lose focus and forget to continue reading because you forget to buy the next ones at the bookstore.

Oh, and go to brick and mortar bookstores and/or the library. MUCH better experience than buying books online. I get super excited by buying books at the bookstore. Also helps that once I buy the book, I have the book in my hands NOW and don’t have to wait two days for it to show up on my doorstep.