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Oh whoops, forgot what section I was in! Not even covered for a kid? That’s just horrible.

Anyhow, I’ve always been able to find and apply a coupon for my dose. Also, you just need to apply it once at your pharmacy. Probably not going to be as good as the covered price, but better than full retail (in my experience, a couple hundred dollars better). Also, pharmacies sometimes have their own discounts they apply to certain drugs, but these come and go. CVS had one for a while, so I was getting a reasonable uncovered price, but one time I went back and the price had doubled. The GoodRX coupon brought it back down, but nowadays I go to Walgreens because they have the right kind of Concerta and the best deal with the coupon. I guess that’s one small silver lining to not being covered – you can go to whatever pharmacy has the best deal/the right generic or whatever.