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I teach 6th grade, so you’re actually close. The student has diabetes bad enough that she has other health issues because of it. It’s been a real struggle for her. I don’t know the full situation or the full extent, so I just roll with it.

This mother is definitely a “Mama Bear” type, and the longer I teach, the more I can’t stand these types of parents. There ALWAYS seems to be a giant chasm between protectiveness and reality with these types. They think everyone, including teachers, are out to “get” their child. They nitpick and complain over every little thing. They are often incapable of rational thought when it involves their child and won’t hesitate to throw someone under the bus if it’s for the sake of “protecting their child.” These types of parents are how good teachers lose jobs and how good teachers even have careers destroyed. These parents don’t seem to realize that when they don’t come to the teacher first and instead go right to the principal, they are actually A) earning a reputation as a “problem parent” that is going to follow them B) destroying the existing relationship between the teacher and their child and C) ruining a working relationship with their child’s teacher by making that teacher an enemy instead of an ally.

I plan to address this issue with my principal on Monday. This parent not only did not show my professional courtesy, but she also didn’t even show me basic respect. Plus, I don’t feel like I did anything wrong and I feel I should have the chance to clear the air between myself and this parent. I also don’t feel like my principal supported me very well on this. He should have asked the parent to see me first OR he should have had a conference with BOTH of us in there.

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