Reply To: Generic Adderall


How’s this Finger Pointing at Mallinckrodt-
I specifically point this Terrible freak infection to Mallinckrodt’s 30 mg generic adderall, manufactured on a chicken farm in God knows what conditions. And then, approved by the FDA for distribution? I’d like to see one of them try to kill the biofilm with grapeseed extract sprinkled on it, topping with pure oregano oil extract, then peeling off dead infected skin! Damn straight.. No Antibiotic can even approach this MRSA bacteria that suddenly was a bump on my thigh after 3 weeks of hell on the Mallinckrodt 30 mg adderall, msrked by deceitful pharmacist as Teva on bottle, added on code numbers to bottle to poison me legally. Now have been in quaranteened research spending all on every aspect of protect and defend: myself And All others, germicidal bleach for laundry, manuka honey, wheatgrass, and tomorrow, thankfully, switched my Rx coverage so No Northstar adderall, also Trash, back to Wslgreens for Teva. Yep, coming out alive – skin peeled back raw.. wow! Hell!