Reply To: Generic Adderall


Hello – having wrote to the FDA, (got the link from which never in my life would consider doing, over Mallinckrodt’s 30 mg white powder octagonal Bunk, was beginning of my analysis. Then Northstar’s generic, a totally different negative. Let me say Mallinxkrodt pills inside a bottle that said Teva (no longer using that pharmacy – even there deceit), left me clinching my jaw, increased my spine pain, had me frazzled even worse (after 5 days place looked like a tornado) off frantic rather than calm. And this past 2 weeks with generic Adderall by Northstar from Safeway Pharmacy, had had me bedridden. This downer for generic adderall made me Believe i could not make the figure draeing groups upcoming, nor the 2 day plein air paint group in Sonoma! Last week I switched insurances – to one where Walgreens is in network. Only reason: I reslized (after hrs of research on this), only generic 30 mg Teva have me at a boyant and sensibly conscious with optimism And as i recall, absolutely – the Teva help with my CNS spasms due to multiple phydical traumas. I hope this reflection helps others. Oh, stay away from CVS – selling Aurobindo generic. Absolute Bunk like Mallinckrodt.