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You know, I can’t tell you how absolutely SICK and DISGUSTED that I am that we are being so screwed around with like this! We have been screaming and hollering and blowing a loud horn and telling our doctors, the pharmacist, that the companies making the generic version of of Adderall that they are messing with our LIVES! WE KNOW THEY SCREWED WITH THE FORMULA! What the hell is the big deal about putting the formula back the way it was, the way it was when they were doing research and so many people responded favorably to it and it was allowed to be prescribed? The SH*T they are making NOW would NEVER have been approved! NEVER! They are hurting so many people, young and old, they are screwing with the quality of our lives and we have been TOO patient with them to fix it! Before they TAMPERED with the formula I was a productive, happy, efficient, successful person! The operative word is; WAS! All it would take for me to be the person I have always been is if they would just FREAKING make the SAME medication I was prescribed and was taking successfully for 15 years! I have been struggling for over 5 years along with everyone else. WHEN IS THIS GOING TO END, AND BE CORRECTED?

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