Reply To: Music


I play cello and have ADHD! I’ve been in the orchestra at my school since 6th grade and I’m now a senior. I have trouble practicing consistently, but when I do, I could play for hours. I really enjoy the challenge of figuring out songs by ear. I know I get frustrated easily if the price has a complicated key signature. I tend to forget what key I’m in and extensions aren’t fun when you have tiny hands, lol. I know I’ve gone through a lot of medication changes and when I switched from my long-faithful concerta my mom noticed a drop in skill, though I’m unsure if it was sloppy playing or having trouble with practicing. I also tend to turn to music, both listening and playing, for emotional support.

As far as the music I listen to, I have a lot of trouble listening to songs if it can’t draw my attention quickly. I like slow songs but If the music is too drawn out without much interesting stuff in between I can’t listen to it. I also tend to hyperfixate on certain songs, albums genres, etc. For example, I’ll listen to a song on repeat for days, memorize it, sing it all the time, learn to play it on my cello, etc. until I get bored of it or find a new song. I also really like fast songs or songs with lots of interesting harmonies bc they draw my attention. I’m a big fan of listening to fingerstyle guitar covers of songs I like. They’re calming and strip the songs to the bare bones, but are complex enough to hold attention and soothing enough to use as background music.