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This mother and daughter duo team sounds a little whacky. I’m trying to guess the age of your students and because you said that the student never mentioned it or acted upset about your whiteboard system, I assuming she is a teenager. I went to high school with a guy who was diabetic, but I think he knew and the teachers knew, even students who weren’t his friends KNEW what to watch for in the event his blood sugar plummeted, and fast action was taken. Why can’t she go to school? Or, should I say; “Why DOESN’T she go to school?” I’ll bet mom is a very lazy mother who finds it easier to sleep in so she doesn’t have to take her kid to school. She also sounds like an over the top enabler who makes excuses for her daughter who can do no wrong, and the daughter sounds like she has mom right where she wants her. It is soooo bad when parents set the tone by NOT teaching their kids to respect their teachers, as they are their authority during the day. I really don’t know how you will handle this- but hopefully you won’t have her agin next year. Good luck!