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My Roommate suffers from ADD and mild Schzoprenia, he now takes a small dose of Abilify, Time release ritalin, booster ritalin,and 25 MG of CBD two or three times a day. He does Yoga and meditation 6 days a week. Recently I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, so I went on a no carb diet. Which because of default he also went on a no carb diet, as part of a 40 day Yoga program he went on a fruit only diet, wow what an improvement. It has been about a year and a half since we started on his treatment. When we first started he was “barely funtional”. It has been a step by step proccess, but now his is so fuctional it is amazing, his “excutive funtions” get better and better. For us it has been like playing Sherlock Holmes. Figuring out what works, for him was a proccess of seeing what works for him, what makes him spin. There was no magic bullet, observing what makes him spin, and eliminating what you can. We believe that Yoga and Meditation helps to push the brain away from its bioligical desire to be a run away train. it helps re wire the brain to focus and strenghten the desired thought proccess. It helps if you have an observant support person that can give you feed back.