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Dad doesn’t want his son on any medication as of yet. Because mom has custody she is the one that gave the okay for meds. From the beginning process of getting him diagnosed she kept saying she didn’t want him on meds so really don’t know the reason why she changed her mind.

Dad has a lot better control of routines, behavioral management, consistency than mom does so the behavioral problems mom has talked to the DR about are not anything like mom has. The school had up to being diagnosed and then put on meds seen inattentive, off task, blurting, talking too much, etc. what we think of as ADD behavior with inattentiveness. DR. is going with what mom says so now are trying to work with meds as best we can but the meltdowns at schools need to be managed thus the question is this Adderall or behavioral issues, we are all trying really hard not to blame mom, and not to blame the school to figure out if these issues that have surfaced are behavioral issues now surfacing at school.