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I can relate to a lot of what you are feeling so don’t stress or worry too much! I was diagnosed about 6 months ago, at 21, and although I know that I can personally relate to many of the ADD symptoms my family and friends are quick to push it aside and believe that it’s just me not having enough will power, or lazy, or bringing up the fact that I did well in high school. However, I too have found comfort in doing a lot of research and reading a lot of blog posts to help reassure myself that this was the right path for me. The thing is 1) girls seem to behave differently then boys when it comes to add or adhd symptoms. They don’t tend to act out as much in class no matter the type and thus tend to not be diagnosed until later. Also, factors like exercise, a strict regime, and shorter class periods all can help minimize the symptoms becoming prevalent enough to diagnose. All of which were things I had in high school and all of the sudden did not have in college. 2) I have also noticed that there is a social taboo around add and adhd, which leads to a lot of stereotypes, misinformation, and denial. I mean before I went to seek help and learned more about add and adhd I had so many facts wrong, and would never have thought of this as my problem. However, looking back now and knowing that I have add so many things make a lot more sense. So if you think this is the right diagnosis, and you have had a medical professional tell you this then in my opinion that is far more important to consider then any family or friends opinion. As for feeling isolated, I too am in a situation where I don’t have anyone to talk too, but I have found forums like this to help. Due to the taboo, many people are also quick to judge, but maybe if you explained to your boyfriend and friends the facts and gave the logistics they might be more prone to accepting this and being open to talking about it. Also, you could see if there are any support groups on campus, or if there is any therapist you could talk too. As far as the medication I am not a doctor, but 1) there are 2 types of medication for ADHD 1 is in the Ritalin family and the other like Adderall. Usually, people need to try both types to figure out which works best for them, and even in those two groups, there are several variations and medications that all can react differently for different people. So, I would say there are several other alternatives to try before trying non-stimulate options. Also, the hyperfocus is kind of what the medication is supposed to do. I just have to make sure when I take the medication I am doing whatever it is I need to do when it kicks in. Then once my body got used to it, I found it was more like normal and I could focus but also switch between things. Also, maybe the dosage needs to go down or up? I would talk to your doctor about all of these and they will have the best solution. Keep trying things and dosages until you find the one that works the best for your situation! We are all different, and also don’t feel like taking medication is wrong. If you take it as prescribed it is no different then someone taking their allergy medication or their antibiotics ect… There are people who use it recreationally without being prescribed it and this abuse it much more likely to cause addiction issues. Due to people wanting this medication in a recreational way, can cause doctors and people, in general, to be more hesitant and judgmental but find a doctor who is open and honest and makes you feel safe to talk too.

Hope this helps!