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Hi Scotth,

Brief response (as in I’m in the middle of 2 projects – procrastination anyone??) but I wanted to let you know you’re not alone.

As for counseling and $$ – does your employer have EAP? Your health insurance may have ‘behavioural health’. Some counselours in your area may have sliding scale (less you earn the less you pay. Easterseals also does counseling based on income. Last suggestion is, if there is a college near you, their Psychology department may have a counseling department – they can have grad students (or the like) that offer free or low price counseling. I’m looking into a couple of these myself.

Some Youtube channels help me. How To ADHD has been great for me, but she’s not for everyone. There’s a great video of hers -clips from ppl all over the world – what ADHD looks like (from their perspective). I think that one ADHD around the world or something similar. Most of the ‘kids’ are younger (30’s or under) but I could still relate. I’m 53, diagnosed about a year ago, so I’m new/struggling with all this as well.

I hope this helps. Don’t mean to cram ‘well meaning advice’ at you if you just wanted to vent. God knows I’ve had those days. Feel free to vent if it helps.