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The Actavis brand did absolutely nothing for me way so ever. I told my pharmacist this and they just continue to say that FDA wouldn’t approve it if t weren’t equivalent to brand name Adderall. Which is just completely false because I know for a fact these things do NOTHING. I had taken the Milan brand for the first few months and was finding that I was kind of itchy and my hands were a bit red along with my ears… I then tried to TEVA Brand and it has literally done Enders for me in terms of my ADD symptoms. I finally feel clear and focused and no symptoms of crashing or overly medicated. It’s all on what’s people prefer though. Some people say that the TEVA brand is too much for them and they develop anxiety, the Sandoz does that for me. My opinion TEVA is the best, actively been taking it for two years now and have only had an issue one time where I felt like they weren’t working as well. You can ask your doctor to. Write on your prescription what brand you prefer. So you don’t have to go through the month with a generic that does not work for you. Everyone’s body is different.