Reply To: Adderall Tolerance

Spaceboy 99

Sorry, I posted a REALLY long response to this, but my mobile seems to like eating comments that I make on here.

I haven’t heard that particular phrase you used before, but I’m familiar with the concept.

The way to look at your ADHD meds is like allergy medication, or cold medication, or antibiotics. Allergy and cold meds can make you drowsy, which can be dangerous for you day-to-day. Antibiotics kill healthy bacteria in your gut, and can lead to digestive issues. Despite these risks, you wouldn’t not take them for conditions you had that needed managing. Your Adderall is exactly the same, just a different solution for a different problem, that other people can’t easily see. The underlying principle is the same.

Some people DO actually use changes in diet to MANAGE their ADHD. It doesn’t fix it, it doesn’t change your brain chemistry, it just makes it EASIER for you to tolerate your symptoms without medication, in much the same way as exercise does.

Your friends and family are telling you to be ‘careful’ with your meds, because they’re viewing it in much the same way they’d view pot. Yeah, it has this and that benefit, but they view it as something fundamentally harmful, so they’re telling you to be careful to not become dependent on it. Fact of the matter is, for as long as you want stable brain chemistry, you’re going to need to take your meds. You’ve been dependent on them your whole life, you just haven’t had access to them before. In reality, the way to be careful with your meds is:

1. To take them DAILY. Taking your meds sporadically will put your mind and body through a roller-coaster where you’re able to function one day, and not function the next, even if you schedule it. That’s more harmful than maybe having to take a higher dose- for your work, your efficiency, and possibly your social and love life.

2. To watch the time you take your meds, to ensure you never overdose by accident. This is crucial to ensuring your tolerance stays low, and that you don’t experience any negative effects.

3. Tell your specialist IMMEDIATELY if you feel your meds are less effective, or if you experience any negative side-effects, even if they seem harmless, or might be unrelated.

People who take pain medication for conditions over a long period of time will gradually develop a tolerance to the medication, for which they need to take a higher dose. It doesn’t make them defective, or a junkie, or anything of the sort, it’s just that their condition requires it. Yes, some people keep their tolerance down by using it as little as possible, but those people are suffering for the questionable benefit of having to take fewer pills. Having been unmedicated for 27 years, and only now beginning to feel like I have my life in order, I wish I’d been taking them my entire life, even if that meant I had to take a massive dose now just to feel normal. Maybe that’s just me, but that’s the way I see it. The benefits are too much to reject for… Pretty much anything, short of my life.

Anywho, hope this helps some more 🙂 Feel free to use the allergy meds argument. I tend to find it shuts people up quickly. Best of luck!