Reply To: Diagnosed in 20 minutes as not ADHD


Sorry I have not responded to many of the comments here. I could not find the thread even though I posted it. Most forums have a search, and a subscribed threads, or threads I have posted links history so I can get back to the thread I posted but I could not find any of that here.

Anyway, I am very sad to hear that there are other people that are being mis-diagnosed in the same manner I was. It is criminal it really is. I am very thankful that Trileptal didn’t spin me out and lead me into disaster. The brain is a fragile id and shouldn’t be flippantly jollied around with.

I hope that all of you get the proper mental health care that you deserve.

The second half of my story is that I found a good Psychiatrist and he has me on Adderall and it is working fantastic for me. I never realize how fast my mind was going until medication slowed it down, and now I understand that there is no fix for ADHD (as I experience it) other than the proper medication.

It is so hard to explain how I (we ADHD people) experience the world, all I can say is I spent 51 years feeling like I needed to go, and there were always things in my way, like a race horse biting at the bit to burst out of the gate and run. Now that I am on Adderall, for the first time I feel in sych with the world around me to a better extent.

I still talk a bit to much, but find I grow weary of long conversation quicker than I used.

I quickly realized as well, that medication is only part of the equation. I need to change my habit. 51 years of habits do not change because of a pill. good news is now, I have the clarity to focus on goals like breaking old habits, and finishing tasks. It really has been an astonishing experience for me and a real eye opener.

Last thing I will say, because I’m new to treatment is that I found that Addrall as prescribed 10mg in the morning and 10mg in the afternoon, did not quite work for me. When it starts to wear off I get very loopy and it can be very harsh when you don’t see it coming. During that initial feeling of it wearing off, if it’s during the day, at work, I need to take a bit more.

So I now take 5mg at 5am when I get up for work, 5mg at 9am, 5mg at 2pm and 5mg at 6pm.

Works perfectly for me and I fall asleep soundly between 9pm and 10pm every night.

Point is if you do get on meds, make sure you talk with your doctor about adjustments to dosages and timing. My doc said that my dosing schedule is fine especially if it works for me, which it does.

I wish there very best to you all and appreciate the input and hope that those that are being given bad diagnosis like I was, get the proper attention and medication very soon.

Peace and clam to one and all.