Reply To: Diagnosed in 20 minutes as not ADHD


I’m 62 and have been diagnosed with everything from Bipolar 2 to Generalized Anxiety to Borderline Personality Disorder to Major Depressive Disorder — you get the picture. I can only speak from my experiences and observations. I’ve been seeing psychiatrists/psychologists/therapists etc. since I was 17.
If you made an appointment with a psychiatrist, then you have the right to see that psychiatrist. Period. Especially for an initial evaluation or a diagnosis. Seeing a nurse-practitioner or RN or physician’s assistant is just fine most of the time – for a meds checkup, or a routine visit, or getting questions answered. But sometimes you need the expertise that only comes with that degree and experience.
Call the office – if you still want to deal with this doctor – and stand up for yourself. Nicely but firmly. You didn’t ask to see a nurse-practitioner, you asked to see a psychiatrist, a doctor. If you feel you’ve been diagnosed improperly, please don’t just let it go (I’ve done that many times and been sorry). Even professionals like doctors and nurses fall into the trap of “get them in & get them out.” Especially since most of us with brain conditions feel like we’re a big pain in the ass, and we’re not worth fighting for. But we are. You are. Insist you get the attention you deserve, and that you feel comfortable with the diagnosis you get, and the meds you’re prescribed. If you can’t get that from this doctor, find another.