Reply To: Adderall Tolerance

Spaceboy 99

That particular one is one I’ve never heard, but I’m familiar with the prejudice 😛 I’ve actually only just been diagnosed, myself, and I only started to suspect 6 months ago (I’m 27).

Think about your adderall as if it was literally any other medication. You wouldn’t worry about taking allergy meds, cold meds, aspirin, or antibiotics. They’re all pills you need to maintain ordinary function, or restore your function back to normal. Your adderall for you is like a puffer for an asthmatic.

There is SOME truth in what your mum says. Changing your diet CAN have a positive impact on your ADHD, particularly if it was unhealthy to begin with. But it only HELPS, it doesn’t FIX it. ADHD is caused by your brain craving chemicals it can’t produce in sufficient quantities on its own. Eating less carbs won’t suddenly change your brain chemistry. But reducing sugar intake can help a little. So can exercise, actually.

People that say you need to be careful with your ADHD meds probably have this idea in their head that it’s like pot, or some other illegal drug. And so, they tell you to be careful, because as far as they’re concerned, it’s just a buzz or whatever. They can’t possibly understand JUST how much your ADHD affects you. Neurotypicals can’t, really. In reality, being careful with your ADHD meds is making sure to take them at the same time, every day, without fail, making sure you never double-dose, and keeping careful track of all the effects it has on you, both good and bad, and contacting your specialist as soon as you notice anything that worries you or others.

I bet nobody would tell you to be careful with a keto diet (induced starvation).

Maybe I seem a little militant 😛 But, at the end of the day, I know exactly what you’re going through, with just how big a change the medication makes, and I hate to think of people maybe convincing you to turn away from something that helps you so much.To put it another way, if friends, families, and mothers were so good at diagnosing ADHD, and curing ADHD, Adderall wouldn’t be a tightly controlled substance, because everyone would just KNOW when their kids did or didn’t need it. You wouldn’t need to go to the doctor for it.

Keep an eye on it, stay active on here, and keep your doctor in the loop, and you’re golden 🙂