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A bit late, but I only just joined. I also have a strong affinity for fuzzy/fluffy/puffy things. I wonder if it’s some sort of sensory processing thing – I get easily overwhelmed by lots of sensory input, but find interacting with the fuzzy things soothing, and my cousin’s son has been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, so maybe it runs in the family. Lil cousin’s sensory issues are severe enough to put him in disorder territory, while it’s a benign quirk for me.

Anyhow, I recommmend obtaining some alpaca things if you are able – alpaca teddy bears are THE BEST (yes I totally have one). Clothing items made from alpaca wool are also lovely, but not quite as good as the things made from hides (the hides come from alpacas that have died of natural causes), like the teddy bears or throw pillows.