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I have adhd (primarily inattentive/ slightly combined type in terms of inattention and impulsivity. I have linked a synthetic progestin administered to my mother weekly during her preganancy to my adhd. I believe there are two types of ways progestins effect ADHD. When progestins are administered in the womb they change the instructions that effectively code how proteins are laid down in the brain which I believe is why my brain my suffer from damage in the dopamine circuitry of the brian. Clearly the implications of being exposed in the womb may well be more permanent that any transient impact caused by birth control medication. I am pleased that I can help you though as in my research I found a wealth of information that links birth control medication to adhd symptoms and depression.

The main source of my information relevant to you is from the research done by ellen c grant

I can send you more information on the dangers of in utero progestins if relevant, if for example you found out your mum was taking intramuscular injections of progestin during pregnancy.