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Hi Stew,

I’m 53, diagnosed almost 2 years ago, but didn’t take it “seriously”, thought ADHD was for 6 year old boys. My doctor brought it up again about 6 weeks ago and I started investigating. Wow. It’s both a relief (you mean THAT’S whats been going on in my head all this time? I’m not crazy/alone/lacking in willpower) and frustrating (omg, what if this could have been managed earlier??) and I struggle with that balance too. For now I’ve focused more on fine tuning my meds & tracking stressors and patterns with the goal of feeling more consistently ‘focused’. Honestly I accepted a lot of my symptoms (procrastination, risk taking, hyper-focus and WIDE variety of interests) as behaviours, for better or worse, in my 30’s. Now my biggest issue is to go easier on myself, focusing on managing symptoms instead of beating myself up over not being as I think I “should” be. Did NOT expect all this emotional fallout, to be honest.

Let me know if you’ve found anything that helps, or had some epiphany or insight. :>