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Yeah, I’m aware of the stimulant stigma, and the “silly grownup, Ritalin is for kids” attitude. When I started suspecting I had ADHD (was diagnosed as an adult), I heard tons of horror stories about doctors (including psychiatrists) not believing in adult ADHD and/or thinking that stimulants are the devil and such, new doctors not continuing prescriptions or even accepting an established ADHD diagnosis, and more. I wanted to avoid that and was able to find a good psychiatrist via word of mouth recommendation. This guy is worth his weight in gold – he understands the insidious nature of ADHD (I suspect he has it himself), isn’t cagey about stimulants, does appointments over the phone, and takes me seriously and has never treated me like a drug seeker.

If I were in your shoes, I would explain to the doc that the atomoxetine isn’t working out and that the side effects are unacceptable (tiredness and brain fog on top of ADHD? That sounds miserable, and like a good recipe for getting written up/fired if it persists). Hopefully she’ll let you try a stimulant next. Also, is she a GP or psychiatrist? If GP, you also might want to ask for a referal to a psychiatrist.