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Thanks so much for replying! Yeah I haven’t graduated yet, and was just diagnosed 6 months ago so all of this is really new to me, and i’m still trying to figure it all out. I would love to be able to talk to my mom about this, because i’ve Been having issues lately with insurance and medication and thus have gone back to having issues (such as not being able to motitivate myself to study for my nutrition midterm tomorrow). And my mom and dad have always been so supportive and my rocks, but in this situation I have had to do it on my own, and can’t even really talk about it with them. My dad is understanding, and wants what is best for me but feels uncomfortable about talking about it since my mom doesn’t know. I think honestly (since this is genetic) my mom is who I got it from. I can especially see the rejection sensitivity disorder, now that I know what it is (thanks for that by the way). Even if the signs of add weren’t there until later in life I have always been referred to as very emotional, a worrier, always thinking the worst, being my toughest critic, and afraid of failure. My w
Mom is very similar and has more outburst then me. It’s intristing to look back at situations now, and consider that as a factor for both of our behavior. The thing with my mom’s opposition to me and add I think is honestly the medication being an abusive substance. My family has a history of alcohol abuse, and my mom loves watching those documentaries about things like Adderall Abuse being so prevelant in college and how it can ruin their life… so she just would rather deny it than me have anything to do with stimulant medication. I know if I could give her the facts and logic she would understand, but getting her to listen without automatically rejecting it or getting upset is the hard part that I would rather avoid for now. Also, totally going to lol at on campus resources now! I just hope it’s not to comlex. I would love to know more about the gpa programs available. As for your situation, I know that it my take a couple time applying, but someone will see what a great lawyer you would make and will see past something like a gpa! I have had the same worries with med school, and I tell myself that I know I would make a good doctor ( I mean us adders do way better under rough circumstances or times that get adrenaline running), and it is one of the few things I am excited and interested about! So even if I have to annoy them by applying year after year I will make this dream come true! I would love to know how your story ends if you want to share, and any other things you discover!