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Wow i’m Really glad I found this! I too am pretty smart, but I don’t know my actuall IQ and I doubt it’s anywhere near as high as yours,but I always had done well in school and didn’t ever really have to study to make A’s. However, since going to college I was trying and trying without much success and I always felt behind because it was so hard for me to sit down and focuse for hours like I needed too. This, ultimately started resulting in me having anxiety and panic attacks since I am a competitive person who doesn’t handle failure very well! My mom and dad suggested I start seeing a therapist, but after a few sessions she got so booked up that it was hard to find a time to meet and I ultimately stopped going. I made a friend about 6 months later and we were studying together and she had ADD. She noticed that I was having a lot of the same issues and suggested I talk to a someone. I had never considered ADD since I 1. Only thought of ADHD and thought they were the same thing at the time 2. I had always done well in school up until now. I eventually got diagnosed by a nurse practitioner at my GP. She has been really nice and helpful, but for reading what you said I think I would benefit from seeing someone who is specialized in dealing with ADD. The only problem is that I am a broke college student who can’t afford to pay a huge amount to see someone. I do have insurance and my dad would help out some, but my mom doesn’t even know I am on ADD medication. She doesn’t believe that I have a problem (since I didn’t behave hyperactive as a child and did well in school.) she doesn’t understand like I do now how ADD is different and can take on many different shapes. She basically freaked on me at the mention of me even seeing a doctor to be diagnosed, so me and my dad have opted not to tell her and I just tell him as little as possible. So my question for the original poster is how could I find a more specialized person to take a look at my diagnosis and not pay an arm and a leg? P.s. typed this on my phone and it cuts off the edges so sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors!

Also for the original poster, I would like to go to medical school and my gpa isn’t ideal either. I know they have interviews that can really be a place to talk about issues they may see in your transcript, and can help improve your application. So if there is an interview process for the law school you could very clearly show the difference testing your ADD has made with your lSAT and master’s gpa. Also, it never hurts to call the college’s office and ask to speak with someone about this issue and see how best to showcase what you have to offer! They may be able to give you the best advice since they know the ins and outs of the academic world.