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Dr. Eric

I am a little curious about your statement, “County of Los Angeles doesn’t even TREAT it”…

I think that your issue may be more of an issue of getting proper access to the right people.
It may be more of an issue dealing with gatekeepers blocking your access to good folks.

I worked in Los Angeles county for 11 years.

There are a TON of folks in Los Angeles County that work on this. (Maybe not in the Antelope Valley (Palmdale, Lancaster, Littlerock))
If anything, my experience many over diagnose and over-prescribe.

Also, there are a ton of, in my personal and professional opinion, quacks.

If you can tell me more about where you are and which bureaucracy you are dealing with… is it County Mental Health, your funding network, etc.?

They are in San Diego, but you may want to reach out to the United Women of East Africa.
I know that they have had speakers from local mental health clinics to work on dealing with stigma and how to advocate and access services in the community in a manner that respects and understands the culture.
They may even be able to help you find a similar, local support network.