Reply To: Was I technically diagnosed?

Dr. Eric

Technically diagnosed, probably yes, especially if you are not paying cash out of pocket.
Mental Health practitioners cannot bill without medical necessity which, almost always, involves a diagnosis.
(The most common exception is post traumatic event counseling.)

The question is, “Diagnosed well or properly?”

This is a bone of contention for most of us school/educational psychologists.

I have been asked by my own bosses as well as attorneys on the stand how a lowly school psychologist like me thinks that I can conclude a better diagnosis than a medical doctor… while staring at my 20 page report created after 5-6 hours of direct assessment, interviews, observations, and rating scales that is sitting next to a single sentence on a prescription pad after a 10 minute consult with a child’s parent…

There used to a cool graphic on the internet that listed about 50 things that can look like ADHD.
Ask the LPC how those were ruled out.