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Like you, I am a woman who was mis-diagnosed my whole life and only found out I had ADHD when I was 43 due to having my daughter diagnosed. When I was filling out her questionnaire all the “yes” answers for her were also “yes” answers for me. I got my own diagnosis and my daughter and I were on Adderall on and off as insurnace allowed.

Failed marriages, my kids hate me (they do not believe in ADHD and think it is an “excuse” for all of my failures. Lots of jobs. Deeply in debt. Depressed and overweight. And now completely alone at 62. No friends close enough to socialize with. No communication with family. I tried to find an adult ADHD group near me but they are only geared towards parents of ADHD kids

Now I am over 60 and the doctors will no longer prescribe Adderall saying it can cause heart problems in older people. I have been at my wit’s end without medication and recently started on Strattera (only one 10 mg tablet at bedtime because it KNOCKS ME OUT). I also take Buproprion (Wellbutrin) during the day.

I am doing better at work. Feeling hopeful. Actually doing some cleaning and organizing at home! I am supposed to increase the dose but I cannot afford it as it costs $200 (for 60 10 mg tablets) and I have horrible insurance where I have to completely satisfy the deductible before coverage kicks in.

Please try some different medicine. Adderall is not the only thing out there.