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@Smb – Don’t feel guilty for giving it to your son!

Yes, it can be difficult to live with. I’m still struggling, not gonna lie. But I also feel it’s a superpower too.

Our creative powers are better than most. A lot of entrepeneurs and people in various creative arts has ADHD. And frequent episodes of depression, anxiety and whatnot that comes with it.

It’s nothing to feel bad or ashamed of. We didn’t decide to get it, it’s not our fault, nor our parents. It’s just how it is, and we should all be grateful we didn’t grow up in the 1800’s where it didn’t exist. Then we’d all just be weirdoes. On the other hand, it might not have been a problem without all that stimuli we’re getting in the internet era.

Anyways. It’s a superpower if the context is right. And a dreaded handicap if we try to force ourselves into society’s box. It’s all just BS anyways.
“Do well in school. Get an education. Get a job. Get married, buy a house, and live happily ever after.”
None of it matters. And it doesn’t make most people happy.

Take the required, difficult steps, and carve the path of being true to yourself. And then make it work financially.
Find a job you want to get up for in the morning. Something fulfilling. Create something. Help people.

If you do what drives you from within, that is what you have the potential to get best at. Doing that, you will be your most productive, happy self.

I really believe this is the key for people with ADHD and ADD. Intrinsic motivation. Contemplate a bit, and set a goal for what you want to achieve this year. Break it down into months. Put it up on the fridge so you can see it and feel it every day.
If you do this right, it will excite you to make steps in the right direction more often than not. Because you want to.
Recent studies have even shown that “willpower is a myth” for a lot of people. Willpower means fighting your urges, which takes a lot of energy. Better to avoid it as much as you can and rather do something that doesn’t require that much willpower to succeed.