Reply To: Diagnosed in 20 minutes as not ADHD


Tanumen: Oh, I’m so glad I didn’t write sooner- I didn’t know there were Psych NPs! I was going to write that NPs shouldn’t be allowed to deal with “brain stuff”, but clearly I would’ve been wrong.
I was hospitalized for 6 weeks due to a rare and exhausting physical condition. They brought in an 80-year-old shrink to chat with me, but because of the exhaustion I fell asleep mid-session and was very drowsy otherwise. For that I was labelled as depressed and put on meds by an NP (who seemed to hate me and I will never schedule another visit with her) that made me balloon to my heaviest weight ever. But I had never felt more positive before! Hey, I survived! My life is a do-over!
It is really hard to be a do-over when you are 60 pounds overweight through no fault of your own and can’t walk.
I just got the wrong NP.