Reply To: Diagnosed in 20 minutes as not ADHD


Thanks for the segway for my story. I had a family crisis, crying & went for counseling, suggesting that ADHD could be a major contributor to the family problems. Also NP, short interview, short quiz, “Bam” I’m bipolar. What they never explained was (1) I was only tested for Bi-polar & (2) what “periods” of highs or lows meant. Through much research & reading I found out a major difference between the two: ADHD fluctuates rapidly(short periods) BASED on events, Bi-polar is usually Long periods (weeks/months) of unexplained highs & lows with no apparent connection to causation. Again note that ADHD & many other diagnoses co-exist. Just hope that this helps others understand what you’re going thru & get the correct (ADHD for me) diagnosis & treatment, even if you’re over 60!