Reply To: Dyslexia


I’m having the same issue with my child as well. Our situation is a little different. He’s 7 and in 2nd grade. School doesn’t start testing till the 3rd grade. As of now it’s highly unlikely he will make it there. I’ve been to the Dr. as of now he isn’t on medicine. He’s also been diagnosed with ADHD. We go in March to Children’s for him to be formal testing. His intervention teacher tested him so he could receive a 504. Well he didn’t score within range to have any kind of assistance. I can’t exactly remember the letters she used I think it was LEP. Which is something his teacher does. Well you have to have 5 out of 6 characteristics. He has 3 out of the 6. Again no help. He’s also at a tutoring center that specializes in Dyslexia. We study several hours nightly, he knows the material. When it comes to the test he flunks. He’s on a kinder/ 1st grade 2nd month reading level. I’m in constant contact with his teachers, principal, and tutoring. I’m not sure what more I can do to help him. I’ve come to the realization he won’t be passed along to 3rd grade which I’m ok with. Getting him the help he needs is the most important thing. I fully understand this won’t happen overnight.