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I have a friend I game with and every time something goes wrong and it is because of him, He will say I’m ADHD and I come from a broken home. He does use it as a crutch but not in every situation.

My family just started this thing where once a month they meet to have lunch. It’s my mom, her cousin from her dad’s side, another cousin from her mom’s side, my aunt (her sister), and me with or without my kids. Yesterday was a lunch day, My mom was talking about how my aunt loses EVERYTHING, how she is so disorganized and forgetful. I know this frustrates my mom very much as she has said if my head wasn’t screwed on so tight I would lose it too. I don’t think there is any explaining to them how difficult it can be. My mom says that it needs to be made into a habit for it to work and last. I have done that, set up a great organization, found places for things and I will still absentmindedly set my phone down and have no idea where I put it 5 seconds later. I don’t think my mom is neurotypical, I know she struggles with some executive functioning.