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First, let me say that being told ADD is a crutch is pretty awful. But the example of the diabetic with the insulin about is perfect (at least for me). Of course, a diabetic can’t control their insulin through will alone. Of course they need the proper medication. But it isn’t the medicine alone the makes a diabetic healthy. They also have to be conscious of their lifestyle and their food choices – FOREVER.

I have no problem with someone needing medication for ADD (or any other mental health for that matter). But the pill alone isn’t going to fix it. There also has to be lifestyle choices – lists, reminders, schedules, etc. Whatever works for the individual.

I get frustrated when the person in my life with ADD says “I don’t feel like myself when I have to follow a schedule or set timers to keep track of time”. So they just DON’T DO IT and consequently time management is always a struggle and always an issue.

A diabetic can have all the insulin they need, but a steady diet of snicker bars is going to catch up with them. The same way medication for ADD can help, but it won’t fix everything without other strategies being used as well. It isn’t a magic pill. There is still work to do and failure to do the work will have negative consequences.