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One other thing, It’s good to remember that ADD is a spectrum so what is enough help for one person with ADD may not be at all enough help for another ADD person. Just like people with diabetes are varried in their treatment regimes, people with ADD also need specific and individualized treatment plans.

As I was reading the comments for this post, I was sad to see some criticism and unsupportive comments. For one person, awareness and lists may be all that is needed, for another person that treatment may not be enough and medication may be necessary in addition to awareness and lists.

Especially in and amongst ourselves as those with ADD, let’s remember to be supportive and helpful to each other. Don’t criticize another ADD person because the management and treatment that works for you isn’t enough for them. No one person has the same body and life as someone else. We are all unique! Allow each other to find the solution that works for them and be supportive! If we won’t help and support each other, who the heck will!!!!