Reply To: Diagnosed in 20 minutes as not ADHD


I preface this with this is a personal opinion (not a medical opinion). I am a psych NP in training and also a person with a long time diagnosis of ADHD. I think as you described it in this chat board, I too would have more likely been led to a bipolar diagosis. In fact, Bipolar symptoms can be misdiagnosed as ADHD in children because it is not diagnosed until people are older. That said, if you feel you’ve been given the wrong diagnosis, I would recommend you get neuropsych testing with a psychologist (not a psychiatrist or NP). They can do a more thorough evaluation and look at your working memory and executive functioning. It’s a difficult diagnosis to determine for paychiatrist and NPs, they are not trained on the neuropsych testing but rely on self report and functioning (seems like you are high functioning as a network engineer, though I totally understand that it may not feel that way to you). Again, as you described it, it’s understandable that you were given that diagnosis, and stimulant medications would probably exacerbate bipolar symptoms. At any rate, a second opinion would either change this outcome or give you more reassurance.