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First of all why does your friend even care if you loose your keys, forget things at work, or have money laying around your house? How do these things directly effect her? Is she your boss/coworker, do you owe her money, do you call her and ask if she will help you look for your keys? If the answer is no, then I have to think that she is invited into these problems by you, in the form of your complaints and you are telling her and expecting sympathy. Not saying that it doesn’t stink to have ADHD, because it does, but is it your excuse for everything bad in your life? No one has a perfect life and ADHD is just one of many things that people struggle with and it can be your reason, but I challenge you not to use it as an excuse. It is empowering to have a label for the reasoning behind your executive function issues. Your choices are still your own, what is holding you back from implementing these things that you have researched?

My husband, myself, and my 3 kids all have ADHD (some of us struggle more than others)…do we loose our keys? YES! Do we forget to take the packed lunch from the kitchen counter in the morning and have to eat almonds for lunch instead. Unfortunately yes! Have I forgotten my son had a birthday party to attend! EEK parenting fail, yes! Are these my ADHD’s fault, nope they are mine. Things happen, but because I make lists, pause at the door before I leave the house, keep a detailed calendar, and do a host of other things to keep me organized, they happen less than they could. I own all of my successes and failures. We do not allow the phrase “I can’t because I have ADHD.” Honestly it isn’t true…it might be harder, and you may have to adjust your idea of success, but you CAN do it!

That being said:
If your friend was just butting in, and your weren’t inconveniencing her or laying all of your sorrows on her then, yeah, drop her like a hot potato! 🙂