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I’m sorry your friend is not understanding but it sounds to me like she cares but is coming across the wrong way. I’m 28 years old and my 4 best friends are like sisters to me. They say things like that to me but not in an aggressive or attacking way. Because we talk about my mental health frequently (I have ADHD) they help me manage all those small little things that I constantly forget. Not everyone is so understanding and I am forever grateful to be so lucky to have great friends. They have become very familiar to my day dreams and ideas. They know when to encourage me and when to tell me to step back. I trust them and their judgement enough. Try having a conversation with them and maybe even read some articles on this site together to show them this is a Neurological Disorder that unfortunately many people suffer from. True supportive friends will understand and love you no matter what.

I am very vocal about my ADHD because my ADHD is not so easy to hide and I am not on medication right now. I am in weekly behavioral therapy even at my age and I find it very helpful. I am also going for retesting hopefully within the net 6 months. Also because I am a female with PCOS my hormones are are not fond of the medication treatment I was using. This makes my symptoms A LOT more noticeable if I don’t try to explain I end up feeling bad about myself.

I read the other day a women in FL who is very vocal and open about her High Functioning Autism just passed the bar exam and was hired by a law firm. This is so awesome to me because Neurodivirsity in the work place needs to be recognized and especially in our school systems with all these children swimming upstream against the school systems.

If you feel comfortable talking about your ADD I encourage you too. You will be judged people will say hurtful things but that isn’t because you are a bad person its because they will just never understand or care to understand what we go through. But everyone here who goes through the same we get it. Reach out to other people just as you did on here to make yourself feel less alone if you ever need too. <3

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