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It’s normal to feel angry about how you’ve been treated in the past. But you have a lot to be hopeful about — you have a condition that is VERY well studied and every day there is some new bit of information about how the ADHD brain works and how you can try to harness the good aspects of ADHD (creativity) and control the bad parts (inability to focus/follow through)

MrZebra, I agree with the other poster that you should at least try some of the other ADHD medications – Adderall isn’t for everyone. It increases dopamine but also norepinephrine and it’s possible you need one but not the other. That’s an easy first step. You should also be looking at the many natural things you can do also (listed below).

Dixie, it’s ok that you don’t have access to modern ADHD drugs, there are many people successfully treating ADHD with diet and lifestyle changes. It takes some trial and error to find out what works and doesn’t work for your particular chemical makeup but you can do it! Some things to try: Always make sure you get enough sleep every night (No TV or phone screens for an hour before bed). Exercise every day for 30min – 1hr to the point of fatigue & heavy sweating. Make sure you are getting enough sunshine for vitamin D, eat more fish (omega 3), try to cut back on grains/starch/refined carbs and have bean/lentils or brown rice instead. This helps with blood sugar levels and also your Glx/GABA balance. Your local Teff flour is gluten free so that’s fine to keep eating. Eat eggs every day for choline. Make sure you are getting enough magnesium in your diet. Eat a banana every day. You have good coffee in Ethiopia and that’s fine, the caffeine may really help you focus- just don’t have it too late in the day so your sleep is good quality. No alcohol – it increases choline deficiency and depletes B6 which your body needs to make SAMe. Find ways to add folate to your diet — folate deficiency is a major public health problem in Ethiopia especially among women — look this up! Some of the symptoms of folate deficiency can mimic ADHD. Get it from spinach/collard greens/leafy dark greens, lentils, eggs, beef liver. Good luck to you!